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photoblog image Makin` a splash!
Makin` a splash!|

comments (35)

  • Ellie
  • England
  • 20 Nov 2007, 00:26
Drip, drip, drip ... the sound of our blocked gutters! This is a very much prettier way of showing what the weather's like.

It's a lovely clear picture, and look at those raindrops popping up again before they finally land.

Rosalyn Sears: Thank you, Ellie. Just forcing myself not to give in to the weather. I was very surprised at the results....I think I am developing a new genre of photography...`shoot and hope`. lol! (:o)
Excellent capture of those droplets. The clarity is wonderful.
Rosalyn Sears: Thank you! I was lucky with these. (:o)
This looks a lot like those computer-graphics-generated test pictures they make to show off HDTV or as a term project at MIT.

Energetic shot. Very good.
Rosalyn Sears: Thanks. Have to say, I was surprised with the results. (:o)
  • Richa
  • United States
  • 20 Nov 2007, 03:55
I can actually hear the rain and feel the moisture in the air .Excellent shot. I especially like the green coloration at the bottom. Makes the shot a bit more lively...
Rosalyn Sears: So could I feel the moisture...the umbrella only covered my head and the camera and I was getting pretty soggy. lol! Very pleased you like the results. (:o)
  • ray
  • Thailand
  • 20 Nov 2007, 03:57
Such a beautiful image, Rosalyn.
Highlighting the submerged leaf is a masterful touch.
Rosalyn Sears: I have to confess that the leave drew my attention after I had taken the photograph. I was really pleased to see it there, though. Glad you like this one. (:o)
  • Mike
  • Sheffield
  • 20 Nov 2007, 04:04
Lovely one mate! It feels wet!
And those droplets middle left are great!
Rosalyn Sears: Thanks, Mike. Makes the rain look pretty, if nothing else. (:o)
  • Ferdi
  • South Africa
  • 20 Nov 2007, 05:51
Great image Roz ! The leave works well !
Rosalyn Sears: Thank you, Ferdi. So pleased you like this. (:o)
Now ...this is gooood. richard.
Rosalyn Sears: Glad you like it, Richard. (:o)
Beautiful idea for a so artistic result ! Thumbs up !!
Rosalyn Sears: Thank you for your kind comment, Zeb. It makes the rain pretty, don`t you think? (:o)
  • mick
  • 20 Nov 2007, 08:19
wonderful shot,love it.
Rosalyn Sears: Thank you, I am pleased you like it so much. (:o)
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 20 Nov 2007, 08:36
Great composition and clear bouncing water. You have seen and captured this opportunity very well.
Rosalyn Sears: Thanks, Louis. I`m trying not to let the weather stop me playing out. (:o)
Likey ...
Rosalyn Sears: Well that makes me very happy. (:o)
  • Tracy
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 20 Nov 2007, 09:31
Crystal clear Roz it's beautiful. With a splash of colour toosmile
Rosalyn Sears: Thanks, Tracy. It is fun, isn`t it? (:o)
  • Ann
  • 20 Nov 2007, 10:06
I love the effect of the raindrops ( I think ) in the water ... And the green color of the leaf catches our look. Very nice !!! Ann
Rosalyn Sears: Yes, rain........and lots of it! Glad you like it. (:o)
What a great shot! I could not get one like this if I tried. None of my water shots turn out like I want.
Rosalyn Sears: It`s just a question of luck with this, Mary. I had no idea what the results would be. I`m glad you like it, though. (:o)
  • Aussie
  • on 5 fabulous days off work.
  • 20 Nov 2007, 11:28
Thats great. Love the patterns and colour contrast with the leaf.
Rosalyn Sears: Thank you, Aussie. I`m glad you like it. (:o)
Great shot
Rosalyn Sears: Thank you, Chantal. Kind of you to say so. (:o)
  • Kathryn
  • Germany
  • 20 Nov 2007, 12:11
This is excellent. So clear and crisp, I think I need to go get my umbrella smile
Rosalyn Sears: Always worth having a go! Sometimes it works, but trying is half the fun. (:o)
  • terry
  • Nepal
  • 20 Nov 2007, 12:26
brilliant shot smile a slice of a beautiful continuum.
Rosalyn Sears: Thank you, Terry. Very kind of you to say so. (:o)
  • Ginnie
  • United States
  • 20 Nov 2007, 12:40
Smashing and brilliant, Roz! The green adds a special touch.
Rosalyn Sears: Oh you are kind, Ginnie. You can understand why I love my little camera - sometimes it just really surprises me with the results. (:o)
This is a lovely picture Ros. It just sparkles.
Rosalyn Sears: Thanks, Bill. It certainly looks a lot less dull than it looked to the naked eye. (:o)
  • Chris
  • Lost in space!
  • 20 Nov 2007, 16:06
Instant likey smile
Rosalyn Sears: Ooh, that`s nice! Thank you, Chris. (:o)
Great shot Rosalyn. I like the lighting on the leaf and the crystal waters
Rosalyn Sears: Cheers, Richard. A lot of luck, and wet feet. lol! (:o)
  • Roland
  • France
  • 20 Nov 2007, 19:02
Very well done. Abstractive and surprising one !
Rosalyn Sears: lol! No-one was more surprised than me. Glad you like it, Roland. (:o)
  • Astrid
  • The Netherlands
  • 20 Nov 2007, 19:35
This is brilliant Rosalyn, my compliments, BRAVO
Rosalyn Sears: I shall pass your compliments on to my Kodak, which did all the hard work. (:o)
  • Trudie
  • South Africa
  • 20 Nov 2007, 19:57
Love the effect of the rippling water.
Rosalyn Sears: Thank you, Trudie. So glad you like it. (:o)
Fantastic capture Roz - it's really magical.
Rosalyn Sears: Thank you, Ingrid. I am happy you like this one. (:o)
  • Abisola
  • United Kingdom
  • 20 Nov 2007, 21:21
Nicely captured Rosalyn. Spot on! Looks like it was raining... hope your camera didn't get wet smile
Rosalyn Sears: Thank you, Abisola. Camera stayed feet got wet. lol! (:o)
  • mal
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 20 Nov 2007, 23:00
planet Roz again! abstractastic! mal
Rosalyn Sears: lol! You sound like my husband....he`s always telling me that I live on another planet (or did he say, he would LIKE me to live on another planet?) lol! (:o)
I think you've excelled yourself with this one. I love the ripples, the interference patterns, the bubbles, the colours, the whole thing really.
Rosalyn Sears: Full credit to the camera on this one. It just seems to cope with whatever I throw its way. Glad you like it. (:o)
  • Jewlya
  • United States
  • 21 Nov 2007, 02:18
The distortion of the leaf makes this really lovely, though the water alone is quite interesting.
Rosalyn Sears: Thank you, Jewlya. I`m glad you like this. (:o)
  • Raffi
  • Maryland USA
  • 21 Nov 2007, 12:23
OOO this is nice! I love the detail and color here!
Rosalyn Sears: lol! I am so pleased you like this enough to `OOO` over it. (:o)
Absolutely terrific! I took one similar ten years ago, and it is still selling well for me now, so get this mounted and framed- you could be sitting on a small fortune- it's good enough!
Rosalyn Sears: David, that is a wonderful compliment! I have not tried selling any of my photographs, and I have only ever had two enlarged and given to family as gifts. (:o)
  • Paul
  • 21 Nov 2007, 22:58
this actually makes me like rain! Beautiful
Rosalyn Sears: lol! I know what you mean - it made me see it in a different light. (:o)
Another pretty composition. This is a Likey for me! wink
Rosalyn Sears: Thank you for the compliment, Jose, and for being so kind as to look at the archive. (:o)

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