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Hi! I`m pretty new to the world of photography, and very definately an amateur. Until the advent of digital cameras, I simply could not afford to play with photography - paying for the developing of all those `reject` pictures was prohibitive.

Six years ago my father died and, with a little of the small inheritance he left me, I treated myself to a digital camera. The basic Kodak easy share. Oh what fun I had! I have no doubt that purists and professionals would poo-poo my starting point but, for the first time ever, I could enjoy `playing` with a camera without it breaking the bank.

I experimented with that little camera for three years, until I eventually felt that I had reached my limits with it, and two years ago my husband bought me the Kodak Z7590. I am really pleased with it, and still have a long way to go before I have exhausted its possibilities.

Next stage in my photographic education will be to join a photography club, or enroll on a course. I have no comprehension of the technical side of photography! I think I have got a reasonable eye for composition, and am gradually taking more time to study the possibilities for a good shot and taking much more care when framing it. Loads of room for improvement, though, and I am looking to learn.

As for subjects, well, I started in my own garden and indulged my passion for flowers and plants. Indoor arrangements and houseplants too - I grow orchids which just beg to be photographed. I live a couple of miles from the coast in Hampshire, and just inside the boundries of the New Forest, so I have taken quite a few shots of local interest. I also always take my camera with me when I visit my beloved North East.

Latest news: Guess what I got for Christmas!
Kodak Z7590
Nikon D40X
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